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Includes marimba part and two versions of the click and track; the older version is a bit drier, for larger rooms, and the newer matches the mix heard on FourTen Media film of Michael Burritt's performance.


Recommended setup:

1) Create two stereo audio tracks in your DAW, importing the click to one and the tape part to the other, making sure they start at exactly the same timecode.

2) Create a stereo bus and assign to a secondary physical stereo output pair on your interface (like out 3/4).

3) On the track containing the tape part, create a prefader aux send to that bus and set an appropriate level.

4) If you plan to plug in-ears directly into your interface, make sure that the phones source is set to main out (out 1/2, or whatever it's called on your system); if using a wireless system, connect physical outs 1/2 to the transmitter.

5) Connect physical outs 3/4 to your speakers. It is recommended to use a pair powered speakers as close on either side of your playing position as possible, elevated to about head level; sending the track through a house system often produces disappointing results, due to a number of factors.

6) With this setup, the individual track faders will control the tape/click balance in your monitors, and the aux bus fader will independently control the level sent to the speakers.

7) Always have a trusted set of ears out in the hall during rehearsal to give feedback and refine the level; with the ideal balance, there should be moments where the marimba and tape blend sufficiently that it's hard to hear where one ends and the others begins.


The Endings of Things from a Distance (Marimba and Tape)

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