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For Duo Marimba and Piano, plus Percussion Quartet

in memory of Chick Corea, 1941-2021


Although I could have learned this lesson as a younger musician had I been paying attention, it was my discovery 20-odd years ago (and subsequent heavy rotation on the car stereo) of Chick Corea and Gary Burton’s duo records which truly brought home to me this notion: that the magic happens not only in the text, but in the ephemeral space between two musicians. Much as a photograph could be less about the subject and more about the mysterious play of light and lens, the essence often hides in subtle places. It just so happened that, during the season when we lost Chick Corea, many of the opportunities for live, real-time interface that we previously took for granted - musical and otherwise – also went away. Inspired by the generous creativity of the Corea-Burton partnership, Hiding in the Light is a shameless celebration of the elusive, momentary interactions that happen when musicians (or humans, for that matter) share space.

Something's Hiding in the Light

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